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Hand raised with love from our farm to your home



       Sawyerfarms quality standard and medium designer Doodles


  Puppies have arrived Fall 2014!


Our first doodle litter was so adorable, and they grew up to be wonderful adults with the

  best of both breeds, just like we’d hoped - with rave reviews!

Guess you could say we’re hooked!     


       Did you know doodles can smile?

So much cuteness and a whole lotta gentle lovin goin on around here!

  “A good man takes care of his animals.”  Proverbs 12:10


  Babies and puppies?   It simply doesn’t get better than this.






                                Please be sure you are committed to all that a puppy entails. 

                                                            (they do grow up into a dog!) 

            If  you’re sure, then get ready to fall in love with some of the sweetest, smartest,

                                              cutest, most precious puppies that ever were....     

                                                                You gotta love a doodle!!






Email - 

209.581.1182  or 209.605.3499 


Beautiful Cookie - where our whole doodle thing began

      Darling Nora - F1 goldendoodle             Diva...the fetching chocolate lab        F1 labradoodle